Thursday, 21 August 2014

Starflower Living, issue two

We're just about to publish issue three of Starflower Living. I thought I'd share a recent letter we received about issue two. Remember, if you've not read the magazine yet, issue one is FREE to download from our website. ~ Veronika, editor. 

Another outstanding issue of Starflower Living, Naturally! Bravo!! I cannot believe how long it has taken me to read this issue...however trying not to be hard on myself, I simply would take a deep breath and read a page or two when I could. Accepting that sometimes I need to have the courage to take things slowly and trust in the universe. Courage and play. Play and courage.

Let me start with the cover art, Rita Loyd your work is stunning! The healing power of unconditional self-love is definitely present here! Let Your Light Shine indeed! I agree that play is so vital, in fact that is quite possibly why it has taken a number of weeks to read this issue ~ so much play! 
I love the New Moon In Leo pages, such useful information about the upcoming weeks and what one can do (rituals/wishes) within hours/days of sweet grandmother's arrival! Wild Courage took the longest for me to read. I loved it! You shared so much of yourself in this article, your joy and fear and knowledge shone through. The list of what one can do to develop wild courage was a nice touch as well.  
Inside the Mind of an Ironman was also very informative. I must admit that I hadn't much knowledge, I knew an enormous amount of training went into it. James Pittam gives us so much emotion within his writing and pictures of himself added to the article. 
I Don't Sing!, now this story stirred much emotion within me. Mandy is on quite a journey! Learning to not make blanket statements about what one does or doesn't do is a priceless lesson, for once you believe~anything is possible! 
Anna James My Leo Lessons was so moving. What an amazing trip she had! 
Very excited about new recipe books Veronika! Quinoa, yum! I adore quinoa!!  
Chamomile I adore as well! I have never thought to add a strong infusion to my bath, great idea, thanks Claire! 
I have practiced The Heart Smile, and since reading this my daughter and I now do it consistently very day! I love the colour yellow, so vibrant and full of life. Did I mention my FAVOURITE flower is a sunflower? Veronika I love your fairy house! 
Paul, another completely "real" article in Zest for Life. The "recommended" and "quotes" were a lovely touch! 
Oh and finally Return to the Red Tent. Such a captivating piece of writing Teresa on such an important place. I have found a Toronto Red Tent and have requested details on it!